Hiring Information

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Hiring Information

  • Email us for any costume enquiries and prices - iccostumes@outlook.com

  • Costumes are limited to availability and are hired on a first in first served basis

  • Costumes are available for dance studios, community groups or schools

  • A 20% bond payment must be made prior to the pick up of goods (cash only)

  • Final payment of goods must be paid when the final pick up is made (after try on & possible alterations are made)

  • Costumes must be returned as given e.g. in costume bags or with coat hangers & packed away neatly

  • Ensure all items are checked for damage or stains prior to return. Please inform us of any damages or stains

  • Costumes must be returned on time - a late penalty fee will be charged for any late returns. Once costumes have been checked by us, your initial bond will be returned

  • Hiring is ONLY for Western Sydney dance studios. It is the hirers responsibility to cover any delivery and return costs for any costume hire out of Sydney - tracking numbers MUST be provided if costumes are being mailed

  • Extra accessories may cost extra

Quality & Care


  • NO deodorant, glitter, hairspray, perfume, hair products or Hollywood tape to be used on the costumes

  • All zippers, knots, ties & velcro must be done up when costumes are packed away to avoid costume damage

  • Costumes must be packed away neatly folded in the provided costume bags