At IC Academy of Dance & Arts, we pride ourselves on offering a fun, happy and nurturing environment. To achieve this we need to have some simple rules in place.

It is the policy of the Academy to set a standard of excellence and achievement.

IC Academy of Dance & Arts is the sole adjudicator in regards to any matter of the Academy’s management, policy and function.

Uniform Policy

IC Academy of Dance & Arts customised dance uniform is compulsory for all students and has been designed for function to enhance dance technique, visual uniformity and professionalism. Parents must ensure their child is properly attired with the uniform.

Fees/Payment Policy

Fees are to be paid prior to the commencement of classes upfront or alternatively in two instalments. Our Instructors have an up-to-date roll with them at all times and if fees are not paid, your child will be not be able to participate in the class. Please ensure that if you’re not paying the full amount for the Term on the first lesson you must pay $12.50 for the first week (per class) and then the balance for the term the following lesson. Failure to pay $12.50 the first week (per class) will result in the student not participating in class. Payments can be made in cash, EFT or business cheques. No personal cheques accepted. Cheques to be made out to Eugenia Machado.

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and must be paid if absent including overseas trips. All Term Fee accounts must be settled by Week 6. A $15.00 late payment fee will be imposed from Week 7 of the term for outstanding fees.

Internet banking payments must be transferred and received by the second week of each term ending Saturday. Please allow time for your transfer as if we receive the money on Monday in Wk 3, the discount does not apply and you will be required to pay the difference.

 All payments of costume/bond hire, dress rehearsal fees, performance fees, etc must be paid by the deadline provided via note, email or reminder. If we do not receive a payment for any payment or fees by the provided by the due date, an automatic late payment fee will be imposed.

Concerns/Complaint Policy

As your child and other children’s lessons are valuable, all concerns (complaints) will not be allowed to interrupt class time and must be put in writing or email- info@icacademy.com.au

Bullying and Harassment Policy

IC Academy of Dance & Arts has a zero tolerance to bullying. We arecommitted to providing an environment free from all forms of discrimination andharassment. We do not tolerate any formof verbal, physical or visual harassment and other behaviour where the purpose of effect, even if unintended, is to create an offensive, hostile or intimidating environment. Students not complying with this policy will be dismissed from the Academy.

Social Media Policy

We are committed to creating an environment that encourages self-expression and mirrors the values of IC Academy of Dance & Arts including respect for the rights, dignity, and property of others. We ask all students and parents to do their part to help us achieve our goal. In doing that, we ask you not to post content that:
- is threatening, abusive, obscene, indecent, or objectionable.- is deceptive, false, or misleading
- violates the intellectual property rights of other people
- is illegal

- references a third party website or is self-promoting spam
- is inappropriate, offensive, or hateful

We reserve the right to remove any content or block users that violate our community guidelines, or that we determine are otherwise offensive to our community. All content must also comply with all social media policies as well.

General Policies

 - Students must silence their mobile phones during their class time to avoid class disruptions.

 - Students must arrive on time for their class and not any earlier as this creates noise and distraction to the students currently taking class. We will not be allowing students in the hall early unless parents have arranged this with Miss Eugenia.

 - Punctuality is important. Parents must be responsible for insuring their child arrives on time and collected on time. It is not the responsibility of IC Academy to supervise the security of students before and/or after classes. Instructor supervision extends only to the students class time. We understand circumstances arise and sometimes lateness cannot be helped, but if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late and your child is in the last class of the night, a phone call to Miss Eugenia would be greatly appreciated. Please note a fee of $20.00 per 15 minute will be charged to you if you are late, as Instructors need to be compensated for their time.

- Please do not knock on the hall door unless you urgently need to speak with the Instructor. Constant knocking to enter creates a distraction to the students in class. The doors will be opened when the next class begins. 

- Students must not enter the studio without an Instructor’s permission.

- Noise outside the studio and at the studio doors must be kept to a minimum.

- No responsibility will be taken for personal property. All belongings must be clearly labelled with the student’s full name.

- Parents and siblings are not permitted to watch classes as students learn best in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

- By entering the studio you accept that there may be risks inherent in attending or participating in activities held in the studio. Therefore IC Academy of Dance & Arts is released from any responsibility or legal liability arising from your attendance or participation in any event or activity or the actions or negligence of other persons present.

- By enrolling at IC Academy you accept that any photographs or video recordings taken at any given time may be used for publicity purposes including but not limited to newspaper articles, website and flyers. If you do not want your photo released please advise us.

- The Timetable of class days and times may be subject to change at any given time.

- Parents are required to sign a certification that the applicant is in good health and may participate in activities at IC Academy of Dance & Arts and agree that in case of an emergency requiring medical treatment that the parent will authorize IC Academy to have the student taken to medical or hospital facility for treatment.

- Business hours for telephone calls are between Monday to Friday 9:30am – 2:30pm. Due to teaching hours being from 3:00pm, we unfortunately can’t return calls or emails until we re-open the following week day at 9:30am. Alternatively you can email us at - info@icacademy.com.au - We will endeavor to respond to your email within 24 hours.

 - Under no circumstances are parents or caregivers to question or comment on trophy/medal reciepients/winners at any given time. Any questions or comments will be asked to be written down & sent in an email - info@icacademy.com.au

 - Students are not permitted to be enrolled in another dance studio whilst enrolled at IC Academy of Dance & Arts.

 - As a Duty of Care of IC Academy of Dance & Arts and its instructors, no student who is under the age of 14 will be allowed to exit the studio after their class has finished if their parents/caregivers are not located. Please ensure that parents/caregivers are picking up their children from the main door once the students class has ended.

 - Miss Eugenia must be advised of any absences for weekly classes, including private dance/singing classes prior to the commencement of their class for that day.  

 - IC Academy reserves the right to change any policies without notice